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Company Statement

WakiMudi, Inc. has been providing the highest quality industrial design and animation services since 1995. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and have an extremely diverse client list. We have worked on projects ranging from medical devices and consumer electronics to car care accessories and sporting goods. Our involvement on projects ranges from traditional Industrial Design work, taking concepts through manufacture, to developing design and image strategies, to visualizing future concepts, to product animations and interactive presentations. We work with our clients to solve problems and build brand equity while fully understanding manufacturing budgets and mechanical realities. We offer our clients responsiveness, experience and the personal attention that builds long-term relationships.

Company Name

Our business is focused upon using digital tools and creating digital imagery. Often, computer generated images can be stale and clearly recognizable as developed on the computer. We feel that two ways to create more interesting images is to create images that are "wacky" through color and texture or "moody" through lighting. Adopting these ideas as a method or philosophy led to our identity as WakiMudi.

President / Founder

Greg Edelin is the founder and President of WakiMudi, Inc. His background includes Art History and Product Design at Stanford University as well as Industrial Design at Cal State Long Beach. He founded the firm in 1995 with the goal of using state of the art digital tools to create high quality industrial design. He possesses a unique combination of ID expertise and exceptional skills in Alias Studio. Strong relationships and partnerships have been developed and multiple projects are common. Work for Comcast included the design and development of a family of future set top boxes. Work for Excite@Home included development of a proprietary remote that worked with a unique user interface as well as a strategic “All Band All Device” project that explored content delivery over a number of platforms and devices. Sony Electronics work included industrial design development of cellular phones and accessories and home media equipment as well as involvement in strategic exploration of PDAs and future user interface concepts. Interactive presentations for Sony Electronics and for the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association of Taiwan explored future project categories and technology implementation. In addition to high end electronics, Greg has been involved with mass market consumer products featured at Target, Toys R Us, and Wal-Mart. He has also had entertainment work appear on television and on magazine covers.

To contact WakiMudi, Inc., please send e-mail to info@wakimudi.com